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Experienced Colorado Lawyer Focused 100% on Family Law Attorney Rick Nicoletti

Serving Clients in Greater Colorado for Over 30 Years
Divorce is never easy, and it is rarely simple. In addition to filing for divorce, there are numerous other legal issues which must be addressed. You may need to establish a parenting plan, fight for spousal support (alimony) or modify custody arrangements down the road.

The Law Firm of Rick L. Nicoletti offers clients in Denver and throughout Greater Colorado with family law representation and advocacy that includes:

  •     Prenuptials and post-nuptials: Rick works with clients to draft agreements stating how the assets each party brought into the marriage will be divided in the event of divorce or death, as well as the amount of alimony to be paid (if any).
  •     Divorce: Attorney Rick Nicoletti provides an objective view to clients to help them resolve all divorce matters.
  •     Family law after divorce: Rick helps clients plan, navigate, and begin their new life after divorce. This can include developing strategies for effective communication with an ex-spouse or adjusting to life as a single parent.
  •     Custody and visitation: Rick helps clients draft detailed parenting plans that each parent can follow while avoiding unnecessary disputes.
  •     Child support: Rick helps clients understand the child support formula. This includes making sure all appropriate information is included in the support equation.
  •     Spousal support: Also called alimony or maintenance, the firm works with clients to determine if monetary support is necessary on a temporary basis and after the divorce.
  •     Paternity: The firm works with clients to legally determine who a child’s father is, and then to establish appropriate child support, custody, and visitation orders from the court.
  •     Post-decree modifications: Attorney Rick Nicoletti helps clients modify existing custody or support arrangements following a substantial change in circumstances.
  •     Step-parent adoptions: The firm works with clients who would like to adopt their spouse’s child from a prior marriage.
  •     Grandparent rights: Rick works with grandparents to help them obtain visitation with or custody of their grandchildren.

A full-blown divorce in the courtroom can get ugly and expensive. Worse, at the end of the case, most people are not happy with the result handed down by the judge. To help clients reach a solution with which they are happy, Rick is a lawyer that emphasizes amicable divorce settlement out of court. Rick works with clients to achieve favorable solutions in mediation. However, if this is unsuccessful, Rick’s skills as a tenacious advocate in court are hard to match.

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