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Nearly everyone knows that divorce is difficult. You had pledged lifelong commitment to your spouse, but for some reason or another, the marriage has ended. It happens to many people. You need to know that there is life after divorce and you are not a bad person. An experienced lawyer can make the transition easier, helping to ensure that life returns to normal after the divorce is filed and the family law problems are resolved.

Attorney Rick Nicoletti has over 30 years of experience helping clients plan, navigate and solve family law problems. The firm represents clients in the Denver metropolitan area and throughout Greater Colorado. Contact the firm online or call 303-534-7884 to schedule an initial consultation with family law attorney Rick Nicoletti.

With You From the Beginning to the End of Your Case
In the area of family law, there are several issues that need to be addressed in a typical case. Rick works with clients to address and resolve the following type of issues:

  • Child custody: Creating a detailed parenting plan can eliminate unnecessary fights about visitation times or holiday plans.
  • Child support: Whether you will be paying or receiving child support, it is important to understand what factors will be considered when the child support arrangement is made.
  • Spousal support/alimony: If the divorce leaves one spouse in an unfair economic situation, spousal support (alimony) can help to address that.
  • Post-decree modifications: Child support modifications or child custody modifications are necessary from time to time in the years following a divorce. If life circumstances change significantly, such as the loss of a job or the need to relocate out of state, Rick can help to obtain a post-judgment modification.

Adjusting to life after divorce is not easy. There are numerous areas of your life that may need to change to reflect your new, unmarried status. You may need to re-budget to make sure your expenses fit within your current income. If everything has been in your spouse’s name, you may need to establish credit before you are able to buy a home or car.

Finding a solution that addresses both the legal and emotional aspects of divorce makes the process far more manageable. Contact the firm online or call 303-534-7884 to schedule an appointment.