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Effectively Planning for the Future of Your Children

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When parents do not live together, raising children can be more difficult. There can be challenges determining where the kids will go to school and where they will spend the holidays. A parenting plan can be an effective tool to address those situations. It helps regulate parenting time, govern decision making, and establish fair dispute resolution.

The Law Firm of Rick L. Nicoletti helps clients create child custody arrangements that take into account the best interests of the children and the needs of each parent. With over 30 years of experience, the firm offers clients the counsel they need throughout the process. Attorney Rick Nicoletti represents clients in the Denver metropolitan area and throughout Greater Colorado. Contact the firm online or call 303-534-7884 to schedule an appointment.

Parenting Plans That WorkTo reach satisfactory child custody arrangements, Rick will facilitate conversations between the parents by drafting the Separation Agreement (or the “divorce contract”) and the Parenting Plan (perhaps better named a “custody contract”). This will provide specific, enforceable rights that afford predictability for your schedule and stability for your children.

A specific, detailed agreement helps avoid unnecessary “he said/she said” arguments, enabling clients to maintain a relationship with their ex-spouse after the divorce. When it is finished, the child custody schedule (Parenting Plan) will govern important details that include:

  • On which day each parent gets the child
  • What time visitation happens
  • Who is responsible for driving the child for parenting time/visitation and other appointments

The Parenting Plan also specifies who is responsible for making decisions for the children regarding education, religion, health care and extracurricular activities. The more detailed the plan, the less there is to fight about. If there are disagreements between the parties, the Parenting Plan governs how it should be resolved. To schedule an appointment and begin working on child custody arrangements with an experienced lawyer, contact the firm online or call 303-534-7884.